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” Haisue was looking to rebuild and rebrand its e-commerce website. We wanted a website that was user-friendly with high performance and speed, and many new features were added that we did not have on our previous website.
We chose to work with Storylapse team because of their willingness to understand our business, a team that was composed of individuals with experience in coding, designing and branding, and their desire to build the best e-commerce website suited to our needs.
We had several meetings during the web building process, where the team asked key questions and provided us with recommendations.  
The team followed the timeline set, and end up building a great website that is unique and customizable. They also provided us with brand guidelines, which is useful to show how our brand should be represented moving forward.
We strongly recommend Storylapse, and look into partnering with them again for future projects.”
– Haisue Inc CEOs

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